Spoken English

Do you feel shy or nervous while you speak in English??? Don’t worry,,with Rickson English Academy,learn to speak English with confidence and more fluently as fluency is one of the most crucial speaking skills if you want to converse in English and as well as for high IELTS Score. At Rickson English Academy learn useful tips and techniques to improve your hold on the language. We will also focus on your grammatical skills.

The following are the few tips and techniques which will be taught in details at Rickson English Academy:
1. Speak loudly when you study as this will also help you improve your reading skills and you will become a lot comfortable with English.
2. Record yourself while you practice speaking as this will help you figure out your own loopholes while speaking in English which will be a great help for self correction. You will easily notice and figure out plenty of things you would want to change in your speaking.
3. Ask a friend to start a conversation in English which will make you a lot more confident and fluent.
4. Try speaking to yourself in the mirror.